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De Stash-O-Rama 8/4/12 – St Louis Artist Guild- Bargain Art Supplies – 63105


St Louis Artist Guild


 Saturday, August 4, 2012 – 9:00am – 12:00pm


 Free and Open to the Public

Looking for a bargain on materials for your next masterpiece? Come to De-Stash-O-Rama, the St. Louis Artists’ Guild’s annual sale of gently-used art supplies! Paints, pencils, brushes, inks, yarn, paper, books, and more will be available for sale. All proceeds go towards supporting the St. Louis Artists’ Guild and its programs.

Do you have art supplies or equipment you are interested in donating? Here’s some of the items we’ll be accepting:

  • Paints (all kinds: oils, acrylics, watercolors, gouache, etc) and/or inks
  • Brushes
  • Drawing materials: pencils, charcoals, markers, pastels, crayons
  • Yarn, thread, embroidery floss
  • Papers
  • Ceramics tools
  • Sculpture and modeling tools and materials (wire, papier mache, plaster, clay, etc)
  • Printmaking supplies (linoleum blocks, carving tools, silkscreens, squeegees, plates, etc)
  • Cutting tools (scissors, carving tools, etc)
  • Storage items (storage bins, carrying cases)
  • Books and magazines about arts and crafts
  • Easels
  • Studio lighting equipment
  • Interesting, funky or fun recycled/repurposed materials (old magazines or photos, vintage fabrics, etc…call us if you’re not sure)

If you have an item you’re interested in donating, but aren’t sure about (not sure if it’s appropriate, concerned about size, need help transporting it, etc), please call us at 314.727.6266.

We will be accepting donated items until Friday, July 27, 2012.

Two Oak Knoll Park
Clayton, MO 63105
Gallery: 314-727-6266

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