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World Book Day 4/23 – ReadMOB – St Louis Arch

ReadMOB Instructions

1. Meet on the Arch steps at 12:30 PM on Monday, April 23rd.  Wear your regular clothes.  BRING A BOOK.  Bring friends!  Look for Jay.
(He’ll be pacing nervously with a camera and wearing that hat.)

2. Pick your spot near the x of your choice and mark it with your chalk.
3. Scatter and mill around on or near the steps.
4. At 12:40 (or there abouts) one of us will stand in front of the steps and wave a brightly colored t-shirt.  When you see this signal, look for your X on the steps.  Sit with your feet on the X and start reading. The goal is to spell READ BOOKS with our bodies on the steps of the Arch. Don’t rush. The idea is for the words to slowly take shape.
5. Once everyone is in place we’ll remain still for another minute or so, then one by one we’ll all get up and wander off. It should make a really cool video when we’re finished.
6. We’re hoping for nice weather, but bring an umbrella if it looks like rain.
7. Hopefully, we’ll have time to film it twice.
8. Any questions? Email

A note from our friends at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial – Please do not block the open aisles at each railed side of the Grand Staircase so that visitors to the Arch can walk safely up and down the stairs.

Another note, this one from our friends at Metro Transit, St. Louis for those of you who have signed up to be World Book Night Givers – While they love the idea of giving away free books (who wouldn’t?) they ask that you do not hand out books on the Metrolink or on the platforms.  Metro stations are ok.

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