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#STLMADE spotlight: Big Shark Bicycling Company

Mike Weiss believes that St. Louis could become one of the hottest cycling destinations in the country — and the world.

There’s room for everyone on the bike path, says Mike Weiss, owner and co-founder of Big Shark Bicycle Company. After all, he insists, the St. Louis region has the potential to become one of the hottest cycling destinations in the Midwest — and possibly the world.

One reason for that: gravel.

“One of the things that’s most popular in cycling right now is riding on gravel roads. When you get out into rural areas, there’s a huge network of gravel roads. Huge! And it transverses all the Midwestern states and connects the towns,” Weiss says. “The advantage is you’re away from traffic, it’s not commercial, you can have the experience of being in nature without really being in nature, and you don’t have to have a set of technical skills to ride it. It’s a peaceful, beautiful, safe experience.”

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