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Should you rent or buy? Some basic questions to ask yourself

This is a good guide for those thinking about buying a home.  Run through this and be honest.   Its a good conversation starter no matter what.

My two cents:

* I don’t necessarily buy into the 20% down.  The goal should be 5% down with extra money for closing costs, moving costs, utility start ups, inspections, etc…

* I also can’t quite agree with being in a home less than 5 years would be a reason to rent only.  I get there are costs associated with buying a home – closing costs on a mortgage, inspections, decorating to taste – that may never be recouped if selling within a year or two.   Think about if you rented for 5 years at $850 – that would be paying someone $51,000 to live in their place.  That’s money you will never recoup. 

This guide came through American Eagle Credit Union  Click here for there website  They are also on Facebook.

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