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Sarsaparilla Sue and the Sassmouth (children's book) – Missouri's own Julie Barnett



Congratulations to Missouri Resident and former St Louisan Julie Barnett on her book Sarsaparilla Sue and the Sassmouth.  Julie is an alumni of Bishop DuBourg High School and the University of Missouri – Columbia.

 Sarsaparilla Sue and the Sassmouth is the humorous story of a girl whose world is turned upside down when the one and only Sassmouth takes up residence in her pocket, encouraging her to use her sass mouth often.  Thwarting the Sassmouth is an eye-opening experience for Sarsaparilla, who finds herself in one predicament after another.  Will she defeat the sneaky Sassmouth and eliminate her out-of-control sass mouth?   Only Sarsaparilla’s scientific investigation and determination will guide her to the last stand.  It’s Sarsaparilla versus the Sassmouth.  Who will win? 


You can pick up the book through Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  It’s available in Hardback or soft cover.

Click here for the Amazon link to Sarsaparilla Sue and the Sassmouth

To learn more about the author – Julie L Barnett – click here for her website. 


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