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Recycling Extravaganza – St Louis Earth Day

A special spring cleaning event for all of your hard-to-recycle household items.

9am to 3pm, Sunday, April 22nd | St. Louis Community College, Forest Park campus

A collection event for hard-to-recycle items enters its second year at the 2012 St. Louis Earth Day Festival. The Earth Day Recycling Extravaganza, or REX!, will be accepting your hard-to-recycle items from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the St. Louis Community College Forest Park campus parking lot, off Oakland Ave. All are invited to load up their cars, trucks or bicycle baskets with any (or all) of the items that will be collected by one of a dozen partnering non-profit organizations or recycling companies.

While many items are being collected, please DO NOT bring materials that aren’t on the list. If there is no business or organization collecting an item that you bring to the event, please keep it in your car.


Pack smart! Load your car so that you will be able to access items as you pass the collection points, as ordered below.

1. St. Louis Earth Day


Base of operations for staff and volunteers of REX.

2. St. Louis Teachers’ Recycle Center, Inc


Items Collected: Children’s Books | Teachers’ Posters and Games | Buttons | Costume Jewelry | Wine Corks | Artist Paint Brushes | Children’s Scissors

3. UpCycle Exchange


Items Collected: Fabric (any type of yardage, vintage linens, decorator samples), along with sewing supplies, fasteners, trims, notions | Yarn, knitting, crochet & spinning supplies | Jewelry & findings: vintage, broken & mismatched, costume | Wine corks | Jars & Wine Bottles: clean, empty

4. Making Music Matters


Items Collected: Guitars | Violins | Pianos | Drum Sets | Amplifiers | Trumpets | Other musical instruments | All working or non-working | Volunteers to teach music! | Some donations will benefit Sheldon Concert Hall’s Music for Lifelong Achievement program

5. Ameren Missouri


Items Collected: CFL light bulbs (new-style)

6. The Luminary Center for The Arts


Items Collected: Printer Ink Cartridges

7. Trex Recycling


Items Collected: Plastic Bags | #2 HDPE Plastic: grocery bags, shopping bags (NO hard plastic or string), produce bags, newspaper sleeves, toilet paper bags, clear trash liners | #4 LDPE Plastic: stretch film/shrink wrap, department store bags, dry cleaning bags, bubble wrap, wrapping for water/soda cases, Ziploc bags, bread bags, mattress bags, ice bags, garment/clothing bags, clear trash bags | NO frozen food bags | NO clips or ties | Everything must be CLEAN and DRY

8. Covidien


9. DEA Drug Take Back Initiative


Items Collected: Expired, unwanted, or unused Pharmaceutical Controlled Substances | Prescription medications | Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, Vitamins, Supplements | NO illicit or illegal substances or needles collected |  Collection is anonymous, no records are kept, no ID required

10. Shoeman Water Projects


Items Collected: Shoes (new and gently used) | Cell Phones (new and gently used)

11. USAgain


Items Collected: Clothing | New & Used Clothing | Clothing for all ages | Toys & Stuffed Animals | Towels, Bedding, Drapes, Scarves, and other textiles | Bric-a-brac

12. St. Louis BWorks


Items Collected: Bicycles | Working bicycle parts | Bicycle equipment & tools | New & Used Computers | Functioning & Non-Functioning Computers and Computer Parts & Accessories

13. St. Louis Composting


Items Collected: Scrap wood – untreated/not painted | Compostables | Drywall – untreated/not painted | Yard waste

14. Eye on Design


Items Collected: Roller shades  |  Blinds (horizontal & vertical) – functional & non-functional  |  Drapery rods – functional & non-functional  |  Window treatments (gently used)  |  Drapery panels (gently used)

15. Executive Personal Computers (EPC)


Items Collected: Styrofoam / Expanded Polystyrene (EPS or expanded #4, #5 plastics) | Food package foam, packing foam, foam containers, molded foam — any color, MUST BE CLEAN!

16. Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis – ReStore


Items Collected: Building & Construction Materials | Household Supplies (sinks, doors, light fixtures, toilets, etc.) | Anything you might find in a hardware store

17. Flooring Systems, Inc.


Items Collected: Carpet – residential, commercial | Carpet pads | Tile

18. Midwest Recycling Center (MRC)


Items Collected: Appliances – functioning & non-functioning, large & small | TVs/monitors (limit 4/household), computers, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, electronics, etc. | Rechargeable batteries | Extension cords & Holiday light strands | VHS tapes & Audio cassettes | Anything with a cord!

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