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Missouri Home Energy Certification Program

Missouri Home Energy Certification (MHEC) program that encourages Missourians to reduce energy usage by making improvements or upgrades to their homes. MHEC is a voluntary program designed to promote energy efficient homes through clear and meaningful recognition. It is intended to help homeowners convey the invested value of the energy efficient features of their home to potential buyers. The criteria for recognition have been determined by working with interested and affected parties. Many of the existing energy programs have been taken into account regarding all aspects of home energy use and how they can tie together to recognize a home’s energy efficiency.

Program Overview

Both new and existing single-family homes in Missouri are eligible for MHEC program. An eligible home can achieve one of two levels of certification under this program: Gold level or Silver level.

Missouri Home Efficiency Certification Presentation (Aug. 3, 2015)

Sample of Gold Certificate

Sample of Silver Certificate

Certification Process

Applications may be submitted only by a Certified Home Energy Auditor (HEA) who is currently certified by the Missouri Division of Energy. Information regarding how to become a Certified Home Energy Auditor can be found here. In order to achieve a certification, interested home owners should work with certified auditors. No application fee is required from the Division of Energy. However, there may be costs involved in a home energy audit and/or energy efficiency retrofits.

The review process normally takes about two or three weeks depending on the volume of applications we receive. The homeowner will be notified via email whether the home receives a certificate. It will include an electronic copy of the certificate if approved for certification.

Applications may be submitted through the MHEC online application submission system. Certified auditors should review FAQs for Certified Energy Auditors and Missouri Home Energy Certification Program Guidelines before preparing an MHEC application.

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