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Fun Things to Do In St Louis – Carriage Rides in Tower Grove Park (plan ahead)

Tower Grove Park has been cherished over the years in part because it calls to mind simpler times. Horse drawn carriages likewise evoke warm images of olden days. Horses and carriages have been part of Tower Grove since its inception – the oldest building in the Park is the stone stable. Much of the original labor force was horse and mule muscle, and a favorite mode of enjoying the park was by horseback or carriage.


Since 1998, with the help of generous Park donor Tim Hays, park visitors have had the opportunity to once again enjoy carriage services. We have been careful to insure that our equestrian program is run at the very highest level. We have a beautiful Clydesdale gelding, Jimmy Joe, and two handsome carriages –The Martha Simmons surrey which can accommodate 3 passengers, and The Tim Hays vis-à-vis which can accommodate 4 or 5 passengers.

We are delighted to show you the beauty of Tower Grove Park as it was originally designed to be experienced, from the seat of a traditional horse-drawn vehicle. Tower Grove Park is a very historic place with many unusual and attractive structures and landscaping from the Victorian era. These facilities are a big part of what makes a visit to Tower Grove Park so special. Have a wonderful time, and come back to Tower Grove Park often to enjoy the gentle whinny of our horses, and the friendly clip-clop of their hooves.

To arrange your carriage ride call the Park Office at least one week prior to your desired date at 314-771-2679.

Rides can be arranged for as short as 30 minutes, or as long as 3 hours.

We look forward to seeing you in the Park!

Tina Siebert


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