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First Run Theatre at Southampton Presbyterian Church 10/12-21/2012 in SOHA 63109

Eight new short plays by St. Louis area playwrights.

Directed by Phillip Allen Coan
Original Music by Adam Rosen


Bob Beck
Lynda Levy Clark
David Dennis
Lauren Garvey
Gwynneth Rausch
Jason Slavik
Rachel Wilder
  • Watching, Waiting, Wanting by Mario Farwell
    • The play deals with two couples who attend the theatre expecting a evening of casual entertainment, but end up being in the center of a major drama.
  • Control by Taylor Gruenloh
    • Control – A new addition to a high-end bordello is lacking a sense of sophistication and is to be given lessons in maturity by an old pro.
  • Counter Intelligence by Jim Greer
    • Two soldiers fight for survival in Iraq and discover some surprising things about each other and together they deal with the horrors of war.
  • Perspective by James McLindon
    • Their painting moved to a new room at the Louvre, Mary and Archangel Gabriel find their relationship threatened by a woman with an inscrutable smile.
  • The Climb to Understanding by Jöel Henning Doty
    • On a mountaintop with his wife and a non-English speaking guide, Tom discovers that understanding involves more than speaking the same language
  • Act of Mercy by Jason Slavik
    • The end is neigh!  The parishioners of a mega-church prepare for an event called the Rapture, a devout grandmother is waiting to see her secular daughter and young grand-daughter, a family moment before the end of the world, one final time, and make a final peace.
  • Honor by David Hawley
    • A Journalist meets a young man in an airport chapel, who offers him a shocking story in advance, but can he believe him and why does his name sound familiar?
  • Seven Pages of Aliens in a Corn Field by Joshua Thomas
    • Two aliens have a heated argument on the merits of traveling millions of miles across the galaxy to make…crop circles.  One is very discontented by this situation and would rather go ‘probing’ which makes the other slightly jealous.

This production will be presented at

Southhampton Presbyterian Church
4616 Mackland Ave
St. Louis MO 63109-2988

October 12 & 13 and October 19 & 20 at 8 pm

October 14 and October 21 at 2 pm

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