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Dog Swims & Fund Raisers – multiple dates and locations

Pool Paws for Humane Laws Dog Swims – multiple locations

These dog swim fundraisers offer well socialized dogs the opportunity to take an end-of-season dip.  Family 

members and friends are allowed to wade in the pool but not swim.

�• Well socialized dogs welcome. No aggressive dogs. No pinch/choke collars.
�• Proof of current vaccination records, DHLPP and Rabies, required before entering pool.
�• Owners must bring bags or other method to clean up after their dogs.
�• Dogs must be leashed unless swimming in the pool and closely supervised by their owners.
�• All children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Dogs are running loose and
become rambunctious. Small children should be closely supervised to avoid injuries.
�• All owners must sign a waiver and are legally responsible for their dogs and any
injuries or damage caused by their dogs.

One-half of the entry fees will be contributed to the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, a nonprofit
lobbying organization working to enact, support and protect Missouri animal welfare laws. Donations are
not tax-deductible.

For more information about the Alliance, call 314-361.3944 or visit our website at

Click here for more information 

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