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Tree Tribute in Forest Park – Remember and Honor Your Loved Ones

Forest Park Forever

Tree Tributes in Forest Park

Forest Park is truly an urban oasis with almost 1,300 acres of diverse natural areas. The Park’s 25,000+ trees help make it a place of rest and reflection. The gift of a tree tribute will help ensure future generations can enjoy that same sense of peace in the center of a city metropolis. The Tree Master Plan dictates all plantings and calls for a diversity of tree species to be planted to provide for a balanced ecosystem. Trees are planted in the winter when they are approximately 2″ in diameter.

There are three different options for tree tributes:

  • A donation of $150 will be used to maintain all of the Park’s thousands of trees. Recipients or their families will receive a customized acknowledgment card telling them that a donation has been made in their name.
  • A donation of $350 will provide for the dedication of a young tree.
  • A donation of $500 will provide for the dedication of specially selected established trees.
Tribute Tree.JPG Tribute Tree Big.JPG

For the latter two options, both tribute donors and recipients will be informed as to when their tree will be dedicated. Once a tree tribute has been made, the recipients or their families will receive a customized acknowledgment card. Upon dedication of the tree, they will receive a certificate denoting the tree species and date of dedication. Both donors and recipients will receive a map of the tree’s location. A temporary tag will be placed on the tree to assist all in locating it. After six months, the tag is removed to allow the tree to grow without restrictions. For those wanting a permanent record of their tribute, a donor may receive a brick paver in the Member Paver Plaza for an additional $150 donation.

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