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Game On: With dozens of studios, courses and events, St. Louis is becoming the nation’s next video game development hot spot.

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The region’s video game revolution has been a long time coming, with many St. Louis development shops emerging from forays in programming, art or other industries. Some developers have spent the past decade or more pursuing gaming ideas as side projects or hobbies, while others set out immediately to engineer the games they’d always wanted. No matter how they got their start, the dozens of local game startups and community contributors today are positioning St. Louis as one of the country’s new centers for the industry.

In the past, St. Louis might have seemed like an odd choice for game development; many tech companies had been concentrated on the coasts because the proximity to talent, high-dollar funding and big brands was imperative. But now thanks to the internet and social media, developers can collaborate with each other and communicate with their customers from right here in the Midwest, giving indie game makers a rich opportunity to build a fan base over time. Moreover, St. Louis’s comparatively low cost of living, growing number of investors, and innovation communities that support entrepreneurs and knowledge workers make it easier to put more capital and energy into development rather than into location.

St Louis is apparently the new place to be if you are a gamer! Now you know…

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